Given that this is a hand made product from start to finish, there will be the occasional imperfection and flaw on your product. Any flaws are purely cosmetic and will not effect the rolling of the dice. Colors may vary slightly depending on lighting/different monitors/etc. 

Each set takes hours to finish – pouring, curing, sanding, polishing and painting. Due to this we are unable to accept returns. 

Due to the nature of the resin used to make your dice, do not leave in sunlight or areas of high temperature for prolonged periods – this means, as in the case with your children, storing your new click clacks in your car on a hot summer day is poor decision. It is best for the longevity of your dice and your furniture to roll on a soft and/or padded surface such as a felt or leather dice tray. While they probably won’t slay any actual enemies, some of the dice are rather sharp and pointy. Do not throw at your friend’s eye. Do not feed to babies or animals. Do not drop from significant heights onto a nicely varnished table. And do not, whatever you do, speak to them about extended car warranties. 

If you find yourself in the questionable situation where your dice might need a bath there is a careful course of action you must take. Water/Soap/Alcohol/Etc may effect the surface of your dice and, of course, the inking of the numbers. We recommend that you *carefully* wipe the surface with a small bit of isopropyl alcohol applied by q-tip. 

If you just need to dust your dice (how dare you, though, if this is the case) or just want to make them a little more shiny again, a clean microfiber cloth should do the trick. 

These dice are not soft but they are not made of diamond either. They can still be scratched or dented or chipped if enough force is applied. So handle them like a lover.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us : [email protected]

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