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Beware the Fog



Samhain was a night of trickery.

The fog certainly seemed to believe it so. Almost thick enough to obscure your hand in front of your face, and yet it allowed the jack-o-lanterns eerie gaze to pass freely.
An icy breeze tickles your neck. Is it the wind? Or is it the breath of The End looming teasingly close behind?

Still, you have your mission.
Grasping the flimsy plastic handle of your hard-won Boo Bucket (mom did NOT want chicken nuggets AGAIN), you feel a sense of renewed bravery.
The End will have to wait. You have a bucket to fill!

This listing is for one complete 7pc, sharp-edge resin dice set: 1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 1d6 & 1d4.
This set is in our “shard” variant style, giving each dice (with the exception of the d20) an elongated, crystal-shard like appearance.
Crescent moons crits on each dice. Inked in bright neon orange. *There is a small bubble/divet on the d , so this set is slightly discounted!

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