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Faux Fluorite



This set was an attempt to make the dice look like Fluorite without the worry of being actual gemstone (which is sometimes prone to chip and wear, depending on numerous factors).
Something caused cure inhibition on the surface of the crit of the d12 only, giving it a nifty pattern.
It is still a fully functional 7pc set, each crit is a crescent moon with the exception of the D20 which has our goathead crit. Inked in antique copper.

*A Mystical Markdown is one that is still completely functional but has minor cosmetic issues that we just don’t feel right charging a premium price for. The same amount of love and manual labor went into these sets, they just have some flaws. Some will have deeper mold markings or scratches/grooves, some will have shallow numbers or poor ink jobs, some just didn’t turn out quite like imagined.*

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