The Cult

These are people and businesses that helped us make all this possible

Our Top Cultists


High devout cultist


Lord of the Shire

Jade Rose

Tiger Princess


The Roguish Enthusiastic Necromancer

"We like the leather because we're all about the hide!"


"Live honorably, fight to protect, find laughter and love in life and remember kin is not always in blood."

Our Top Cult Affiliates

Fire Hide & Silver

Hand made, artisan gaming supplies and accessories.

Hanna made our very first set of masters for us and got us started on our journey.
We want to thank her so much.

Arcane Discoveries

The Game Portal

A multi-faceted game shop based in North Central Arkansas.

Our local game store. We LOVE them!

Death by a Thousand Crits

An Incredible D&d podcast

Actual Play DnD podcast for those who want to enjoy a great story, action, and DEATH!
New episodes every other Friday

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